Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New version of HTF: now backwards-compatible with HUnit

I’ve just uploaded version of the Haskell Test Framework (HTF) to hackage. The new version allows for backwards-compatibility with the HUnit library. So, for example, say you have the following existing HUnit test:

test_fac = 
    do assertEqual "fac 0" 1 (fac 0)
       assertEqual "fac 3" 6 (fac 3)

To let the HTF collect your unit tests automatically, you just need to add the following line at the top of your source file:

{-# OPTIONS_GHC -F -pgmF htfpp -optF --hunit #-}

The pragma above specifies that the source file should be run through HTF’s preprocessor htfpp in HUnit-backwards-compatibility mode. The preprocessor attaches precise location information to all assertions and collects all unit tests and all QuickCheck properties in a fresh variable called allHTFTests.

If you start with your unit tests from scratch, you should leave out the -optF --hunit flag because it releaves you from providing location information such as "fac 0" and "fac 1" for your testcases by hand. The pragma should then look as follows:

{-# OPTIONS_GHC -F -pgmF htfpp #-}

See the HTF tutorial for more information.

Thanks to Magnus Therning, who convinced me to add the HUnit-backwards-compatibility layer to the HTF.

Author: Stefan Wehr

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Magnus said...

I'm sorry for not getting around to test this properly. I'm glad you went ahead and published it anyway.

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